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June 14, 2018

What is Hemp?


Hemp is a resourceful fiber that derives from the Cannabis plant. Hemp is strictly the stem of the Cannabis plant, the most hearty and durable part of the plant. Hemp can make many various materials that we utilize every single day.

Such as; clothing, building materials, rope, food, biodegradable plastic, and some fuels. Only to name a few. The Hemp plant is a “cash crop”. Due to the fact that the plant itself can practically grow anywhere in any type of soil and climate. With minimal maintenance needed anyone can grow hemp with little hard work.


Hemp History



As of today, in America Hemp or Cannabis is federally illegal to have and cultivate. It has not always been like that though. In fact, a few of the most respected founding fathers of this beloved country were Hemp farmers. They had a huge role at the beginning of the hemp industry. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin all grew their own hemp. They believed in the beneficial factors of hemp for the country.


It wasn't until the Presidency of Herbert Hoover that hemp was publicized as dangerous'. Harry J Anslinger was the head of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs. This individual convinced the whole Bureau that hemp was a threat to their billion dollar industry.


To protect their growing enterprises the gentlemen decided to turn to the mass media. Where journalists produced weakly supported articles stating negative opinions about Cannabis. The men of the Narcotics and Dangerous Drug Bureau went as far as not using the word “hemp” but using the slang word “Marijuana” in the media as a scare tactic.


1937 is the year of the Marijuana Tax Act, causing all forms of hemp or marijuana to become illegal. Till this day it is still illegal but, more and more American states are accepting the benefits of Hemp.



California was the first State in America to make Marijuana legal for medical use. Since then several states such as Colorado, Oregon, and Washington state have made the use of Cannabis legal for everyone of age. More and more states are allowing the medicinal use of Cannabis including our countries capital, Washington D.C.


Hemp has proven to be beneficial not only as a medicine but for our environment as well. Growing faster than the average tree by a tenfold. We could replenish the oxygen levels and reduce the air pollution that acid rain and burnt fuel causes. Hemp is the most convenient plant that has graced the Earth's surface. It does not need pesticides to keep pests away, hemp does that naturally.



The only reason Hemp became illegal is due to the fact that politicians found the resourcefulness of hemp to be threatening to the pharmaceutical industry. In all truthfulness, hemp can save this planet and its inhabitants. More individuals are discovering that every day. If we continue to educate about hemp and its benefits soon it will be legal everywhere, once again.


With Love & Gratitude


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