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Planet Power of June

June 14, 2018


The month of June in 2018 is full of fun festivities that do not stop. School is out for the kiddo's, the weather is getting warmer, and the Summer fun is just beginning. The planets are proving to be in the Spirit of Summer as well, as most of them are serving to be beneficial towards our energies.


June 2018 - Mars in Aquarius:



Starting with the “planet of will and action”, Mars. Right now until August 12th Mars is in Aquarius. While Mars is nestled in Aquarius you will experience a more free-spirited approach to your action making. Your will to take on new hobbies or knowledge this month is vibrating strong. Making this the best time to pick up a new hobby or try something out that you have always wanted to try. Just in time for summer!


Mars in Aquarius helps individuals stray away from the norm and instead find their own unique style. This is a creative time for all beings. As Mars is the planet will and action and Aquarius is the free-spirited sign of the zodiac those creative juices are ever-flowing this time of year.


Take advantage of this time to create beautiful memories with your friends and family. Think of new ways to spend time with the people you love. Use your creative outlook to approach work and play in an easier fashion.


June 2018 - Venus In Cancer:


To continue the enigmatic wonder of the planets in June 2018, the planet of love is located within the nurturing sign of the zodiac. Bringing forth boundless love toward everyone and everything you hold dear to you. You will experience an energizing flow of love fill your veins and exude from your pores.


You will pour your heart out even more than usual in your relationships. Showing loved ones how much they mean to you with little loving actions and words of endearment. Also showing your appreciation for your professional relationships, giving them a card or saying a few thoughtful words goes a long way.


While Venus is in Cancer you may find yourself drawn to watery destinations like a lake or the beach. This is due to the nature of the Cancer crab, take advantage of the watery influence and make a trip.


June 2018 - Mercury in Gemini


In this time that Mercury is nested in Gemini, thoughts and dreams are more vivid than ever. Cognitive functions are heightened and individuals find the clever side of themselves. This is a great opportunity to brainstorm ideas and work more efficiently. You must keep in mind to balance out thoughts with actions. Don't let your great ideas get stuck in the clouds.


Mercury is right at home while in Gemini, making you feel inspired to do what you always wanted and thought to be a great idea. We encourage you to take advantage of this time to unfold your great ideas. Have them come to life and watch them grow like a sunflower in the summertime.


June 2018 is filled with magic waiting to unveil itself to you. Use this inspiring time to become the best version of you, you have ever felt. Always growing, always prospering, always beautiful!


With Love &Gratitude

Shelby Rae of the JAX VIBES crew

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