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Wanee Music Festival 2018

June 14, 2018


Wanee is my favorite Jam Based Festival. The music and art are phenomenal . The people are amazing and you can feel the love radiating in the air. My face starts to smile and feet start tapping as soon as I enter the park. It's the feeling of going home and it never gets old. This is my 4th Wanee and I am counting down the days till my 5th.


Wanee Music Festival is held at Spirit of the Suwanee Music Park just north of Live Oak, Fl. It is a one of a kind venue located on 800 acres of beautiful land, trees and the sweet tea colored Suwanee River flowing right through it. Home of one of the largest bat houses in the country holding up to 500,000 bats. It is quite an impressive sight when they take flight every night to begin their nights journey of eating mosquitoes. This is the perfect venue if your heart is yearning for music, camping and out door adventures.


Wanee Music Festival is known for its strong ties to the Allman Brothers . Thank you Brothers for all the music and love. I will forever be grateful for what you have given to us all. Their spirits and music will live on forever in these woods. Oh how I wish trees could talk. Can you imagine the stories they could tell.


The 2018 line up started of with Bonnie Blue, one of our very own Jacksonville bands and you can best believe Jax Vibes was there to support them. Their set was nothing short of fantastic. If you saw them you know what I mean. So many great bands graced the stage and kept the party going all the way to the we hours of Sunday morning.


A few of my picks for the weekend are :


Dark Star Orchestra . They played an Otis Reddings Cover Hard to Handle which was spectacular but I know you Rider brought me to tears. I absolutely loved it. DSO was such a great way to start an amazing weekend of music, love and family.


Bobby Lee Rogers Trio is a band I love to dance to. Outer Space Space Space...ahh I LOVE that song. All of these guys are so talented and pretty intelligent I hear. I really think Bobby Lee Rogers has magic in his fingers. That man can play that guitar (AKA MAGIC WAND.)


Phil Lesh is always one of my favorites any where. He is a great easy listening peaceful sound to me and he gives me that revitalization I need. I loved laying on the hill under the trees and listen to Phil Lesh and The Terrapin Family play the afternoon away.


Yeti Trio is such a bad ass band. Three Beast take the stage an it feels like you are about to blast off to space. They play with passion and soul and it makes for a very unique sound. I think this band is bbaaddaasssss. Eric Sanders plays drums and percussion. Brooks Smith plays keyboards. Vaylor Trucks plays guitar and Moog synthesizer.


North Mississippi All Stars.... Man oh man. What a dance party that was. I swang in the hammock and looked at all the colorful lights in the trees as they jammed the night away and when it was time for it all to end they played us a lullaby to sleep. I am looking for the lyrics to the Lullaby. I am going to share it with you all when I find them. The lullaby definitely blew me away . All around great set.


AS THE CROW FLIES Chris Robinson Featuring Marcus King, Audley Freed, Adam MacDougall, Andy Hess & Tony She Talks To Angels, was one I will remember forever. Sitting on a hill side with the good people enjoying these guy play one of 17 shows they will play. So magical How did I get so LUCKY. Chris Robinson said in an article I read "Springs will be sprung and the songs wil be sung" and oh boy were they. I loved their very heart felt performance. I am so grateful I was part of this day. It was a soulful rockin' funcky good time.


I loved Wide Spread Panic of course . WSMFP Friday nights set was my choice of their 2 nights. I was surprised to hear them play Chilly Water so soon in the set. It was GREAT and it got the crowed pumped up. **Sorry to the guy in front of me. I didn't mean to soak you with my water ** :( I am a little excitable sometimes :) Greta was a good one , but I am bias Greta is our dogs name but she dosn't have a gun or know whats going on half the time...lol None the less Panic did know what was going on and took our asses to boogie town with no break. What the hell kind of awesomeness was that. I really had a great time and Climb to Safety was a perfect choice to close out with. I love that song and it just feels good. #WSMFP We are the Good People.


So much dancing , so many laughs and so many hugs. I am positive their is magic floating in the air at the spirit of Suwanee music park. I have seen it with my own three eyes. Thank you to all the musician, artist, workers and fans for making this all possible. With out you it would be merely just a dream.... Until next time my Brave Little Friends. Peace Love and Magic.


Be sure to check out all the photos below. some pretty amazing things going on around the park and awesome peeps........ Keep Merry Wanee !!!!!!!!



























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