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Your Body & Hula Hooping

June 14, 2018


Dancing with a plastic circle can have the same effects as any regular workout at the gym. Hula Hooping is a fun pastime while burning calories. Exercising can be as enjoyable, imaginative, and as free as you.


Hula Hooping can help tone your body without over-stressing your muscles. A light but effective and fun exercise the whole family can enjoy. It is entertaining for individuals of all beautiful variations. Hula-hooping can uplift your spirits and unlock creative flow within you.


The Benefits of Hula Hooping for the body

There is a lot of scientific studies that prove hula hooping is beneficial to the body. Get those toned abs you have


always wanted with a hula-hoop workout filled with laughter.


The repetitive gyrating movement you perform while hula hooping is beneficial. Rotating the hoop around your waist has proven to trigger many different muscles. Who would have thought?


Scientists have stated that hula hooping burns a specific fat. Known as, visceral fat which is the most dangerous and stubborn to burn. Burning that stubborn fat is easier than ever now!


The American Council on Exercise performed studies that show hula hooping burns 7-calories a minute. Hula-hooping, when done vigorously throughout the body, can burn up to 600-calories per hour.


Hula-hooping benefits way more than your body appearance. Hula-hooping also aids your heart function and spinal strength. Dancing with a hula hoop for at least 20-minutes will boost your heart rate, and thus improving your health.


Hula-hooping improves your spinal structure. By increasing the range of motion and flexibility in the back. This will also decrease chances of serious back injuries. The gyrating movement of hula- hooping around your waist releases tension in the muscles of the lower back. In result, the blood flow through the spine improves.


Body Types & Hula hooping

 All body types have the ability to hula hooping. No matter what your body type or weight you can completely hula hoop. I encourage everyone to pick up a hula hoop and make their body feel good with a surge of endorphins.


Feel beautiful in the skin you are in and boost the well-being of the energy flow within your body. Hula hoops love all body canvas's big or small.


Hula-hooping has evolved into art that an artist expresses by using their body as a tool. Blending your body with the hoop to appear “as one” makes the flow unique and yours.


Also, accentuating the hoop movement through your body as well makes for a pretty visual. Practice makes progress, as your muscles begin to remember when to do certain movements at what time.


You may want a reflection device to help guide you in what looks best with your body and movements. If you enjoy the outdoors you can always use your shadow for reference.


Are you a dancer? Then you know about the“rule of hands”. The technique of hand poses that encourages fluid performance visuals. There are many styles of hand poses for any type of dance whether it be hip-hop, ballet or hoop dance.


Naturally, your hand will find a pose that will feel good and look powerful. As long as you are aware of how much happiness hula-hooping brings you, you will look like a beautiful twirling fairy.



The points discussed today, you discover through the movement of hula-hooping. Knowing about it is one thing, but feeling it brings it to reality. Experiencing the magic of hula-hoop is liberating and encouraging.


Your mind, body, and soul will thank you. Always remember Practice makes Progress and Progress is key!


With Gratitude,

Shelby Rae of the JAX VIBES Crew.

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