Your Zodiac and 2018 Summer Solstice

June 19, 2018

Summer Solstice:


 6:07 A.M. Thursday, June 21 2018 


 It's already heating up here in Jacksonville, Florida but the magic and energy of the Summer Solstice is just a few days away. The longest day of the year and the shortest night of the year and the first official day of Summer 2018. 


A Solstice is known as the astrological event of the Earth's tilt on its axis and motions around the Sun. There are two times this event occurs, Summertime and Winter time. Right now we are experiencing the Summer Solstice which means the Earth is tilted so the North Pole is nearest to the Sun.


It is also the cusp of two zodiac signs – Gemini and Cancer, a powerful duo of energies. The Summer Solstice has been calculated and celebrated for thousands of years. Most of the traditions have stayed the same with a modern twist, people celebrate the solstice all around the world with music, dancing, ceremonial and festive activities. Let's bring out those drums, friends!

The energies of the Summer Solstice call your body, mind, and soul to become closer and united. Take the time to tune in to your body and soul this June 21st. You will experience clearer intentions and thoughts for yourself. In result, will help set stationary goals for yourself this summer season.



Whether your intentions are to travel more, give more, or simply do more your mind body and soul will benefit from the magnetic connection to one another. Preparing yourself for growth this summer is mandatory, as 2018 has been giving the opportunity to grow all around.


Have you noticed it has been getting darker later each evening? That's proof the Earth is gearing up for the Summer Solstice. The Summer Solstice does release powerful energies, and how those energies affect you depend on your zodiac origins.




Aries – May feel family-related or home-related obligations during the 2018 Summer Solstice. So take a deep breath, no need to be overwhelmed because you got this!


Taurus – Will feel inclined to travel to places of familiar faces. Visiting family and friends will put them in a good mood and make them feel refreshed.


Gemini – Are wanting to go on a summer-inspired vacation but feel a stronger pull to stay put for a little longer to get their work done. So responsible, but you will be able to enjoy your vacation that much more.


Cancer – This is a big refreshing time of the year for Cancer signs. A relaxed celebratory event will fulfill their need to connect with themselves in an inspiring environment.


Leo – You want the princess/prince treatment this Summer Solstice, and you deserve it! Spend some money on yourself, self-care is crucial to positive living and personal growth.


Virgo – Feels the pull to collaborate with like-minded people and begin new projects. They are inspired to work on personal projects instead of wanting to go on vacation. Go, Virgo, go!


Libra – Your hard work is about to be paid off. You have been putting in the time with little to no play but brace yourself this Summer Solstice for a big opportunity you can't deny.


Scorpio – These individual's feel a thirst to deepen their knowledge. Attending classes, traveling and experiencing something new. Now is the time to feed your curiosity.


Sagittarius – This time of the year they are inclined to travel and feed their soul with culture. Sagittarius has a thirst to delve deep into their spiritual side and unveil a new part of themselves. Growth is coming your way.


Capricorn – A personal or professional relationship will consume your attention this summer solstice. As close relationships rank high their book this is a great time to establish a mutually beneficial relationship. 


Aquarius – Are itching to find new healthy foods and recipes to satisfy their creative palette. Learning new dietary knowledge will launch them into a health-conscious epiphany.


Pieces – Will feel an enticing nurturing pull. Spending time with yourself and other people doing something you enjoy will have you feeling the greatest burst of the truest happiness and self-love.


The summer solstice is a powerful time of the year. Most individuals around the world today celebrate with drum circles, bonfires and spending time with people they care for. Sounds like a wonderful way to spend this astronomical event. 


The Summer Solstice is a great time for self-reflection and giving into one's true wants. Take advantage of this time of Self-love.


With Love & Gratitude
Jax Vibes Crew

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