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Hooping with the NFTA Twilers

July 31, 2018

 We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to share our love for hula hooping with NFTA Twirlers. Theses ladies have skills and winning personalities to match. 

 Shelby & I were so excited when we got to NFTA Twirlers Lobby  We couldn't wait to get our hoop on with these amazing twirling beauties.

 We quickly gathered our troops and head outside to choose our hoop.

 Everyone was so excited and ready to hoop.

 We all gathered in a circle to for a quick introduction & stretch.

Then we broke up into 2 groups for some hula hooping fun.

 Waist hooping was first on our agenda and the most popular move in our workshops .  These super hoopers were learning so much and having a great time.

 Hula hooping is just awesome like that.

Wow!  Theses baton twinkling beauties are naturals at this hula hooping thing.

 The girls relay loved the learning the lasso with their hoops but quickly  renamed it the cowboy move. lol  Very fitting  I would I say.     Kids are so funny

     When we were finished  learning super cool  hula hoop tricks we all gathered together to play a few games that encourage team building skills and positive thinking .   We all had so much fun.   What a fantastic Job ladies.  You Rock!!!!!!!!                                          Peace, Love & Magic    Let's Vibe Jax



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