Interview with Scott Dugger Luithier of Dugger Guitar

August 6, 2018

      Scott Dugger Luithier of Dugger Guitars is no stranger to the wonderful world of music with such greats as :

    Wife Melody Trucks of The Melody Trucks Band

    Brother in law Vaylor Trucks of The Yeti Trio Band

    Father in law  musical legend Butch Trucks of The Freight Train Band and Rockin Roll Hall of Famers The              Allman Brothers Band

    Ties to The Tedeski Trucks Band and Widespread Panic.

I would say this  definitely  gives Scott  a unique perspective on what musicians want .



        I recently had the opportunity to visit Scott's work shop at his home in Jacksonville, Fl.  

Literally were all the magic happens.

      When I arrived for our interview his beautiful family  were all there to greet me with big smiles on their faces and even bigger hugs to share.  They really made a girl feel welcomed.



 Scott and I went out into his work shop for a little shop talk.  



I mozied around his work space in great admiration asking Scott so many question in rapid fire mode it was hard for me to even keep up. 

  Scott answered each of my questions with great  knowledge  and a lot of patients.


  He even showed me a few tricks of the trade .


Scott spoke about each of his previous builds with tremendous passion and expressed his desire for each instrument to be specific for it's player . 

Of Course I was hanging onto every word  he was saying. I love music and being able to talk with someone about making instruments was a great pleasure for me.


   I can tell that Scott is very passionate about his work and wants each piece to be perfect for its player.   He says that listening to the musician play and see how they play is the most import part of each guitar.   That makes all the difference in the world when I am envisioning what they want.  




 I got the opportunity to look  at few of his personal guitars and ask him a few questions about The Vaylor Trucks Yeti guitar.  Roosevelt Colliers lap steel and the absolutely stunning Blue Jay's Listening Room guitar he donated as a house guitar for all passing through musicians to play and what inspires him to do it all. 

  Jax Vibes :  Tell me a little bit about the custom build you did for Vaylor Trucks  played on The Mushroom Stage during Yeti Trio's Wanee 2018 set for the first time. (  YES!!!! I was so lucky to be there to catch some photos of Scott & Vaylor with the guitar right before Vaylor went on stage.  Talking about right place at the right time.   I heard talk while walking  around Wanee about the customization and all the bad ass bells and whistles he had put into Vaylors' guitar so I was dying to know what exactly kind of Yeti beast did you make man ?  

        Scott :   Vaylor's Yeti Guitar is another one of a kind. Completely designed by Vaylor himself. He showed me a journal that he had made with lists and drawings of what he wanted. The neck is maple  that runs through the body. The top and bottom of the body are swamp-ash with walnut lamination for detail. It is Painted with a satin white fading to natural at the maple. The fret board is Richlite with 24 stainless steel frets. a Mother-of-Pearl "FMEH" at the 12th fret. 'Cause that is what a yeti says. lol. The really unique aspects of his guitar are in the electronics. the neck humbucker has a separate 2 poled pickup for isolating the low e and a strings and sending their signal out a separate jack for a Bass rig. the remaining humbuckers and single coil all split and/or combine in nontraditional combinations with a 5 way "superswitch". finally there are three embedded magnets in the body that hold his Triple-Play midi pickup unit. I think that's it.  

                       Wow!!!  Impressive if I might say so.




   When I  saw this beauty I was in awe. Roosevelt Collier is going to love this when he get back from his European tour .    

Jax Vibes :     Tell me a little about this beautiful lap steel ?

     Scott :   Roosevelt's lap steel... he wanted a lap steel guitar that he could play standing up. He had one but it was too cumbersome. Other companies have tried but they all looked like "Frankenstein" creations. I wanted to make him a guitar that looked and felt more natural. His is a one of a kind. Its a semi-hollow mahogany body with a set maple neck. Both with lamination's of walnut and blood wood. The Ebony fret board (that is just for show). Solid brass rod bridge, bone nut. Two active Seymour Duncan 8 string humbuckers. I cant wait for him to get back from his Europe tour so he can check it out. 


 I  can't stop looking at this one.  Just so dang beautiful.  This lovely doll is the Blue Jay's Listening Room masterpiece that Dugger Guitars donated to Cara English owner of Blue Jay's Listening Room in Jacksonville Beach. She was beyond thrilled and overwhelmed with joy to receive such an amazing gift. This is such an exquisite one of a kind custom guitar . You can tell this build was a labor of love for him.  



  Jax Vibes:  Wow!!!!!   Just wow!!!!   Tell me more about this very special build and why you made such an amazing contribution to music and to Blue Jay's ?


Scott: Cara's guitar was one that I knew I was going to make for her the first time I went to Blue Jay's. Basically, I wanted to make her a guitar because I felt she earned it. What she had invested into "music and musicians" is more than generous. I wanted to do something for her. I was so impressed with her passion for music and how she was able to create a venue that expresses that. While we were talking about the venue... the flooring, the décor, the tables chair etc. etc. The guitars hanging as decorations... she kinda mentioned wanting a good house guitar. She was not hinting or asking for one and the subject never came up again. Until about six months later when I had the pleasure of giving her her new, one-of-a-kind Blue Jay's Guitar.



Jax Vibes :  What are the specs or the details of the one of kind custom Blue Jay's guitar? 


Scott : It is a semi-hollow mahogany body with a quilted maple top . A maple neck with rosewood fretboard. 22 stainless steel frets. Mother-of-Pearl feather in the headstock. The f-holes are a silhouette of a bird flying over the horizon. Blue burst around natural maple top. The neck pickup is a p-90, the bridge pickup is a paf humbucker, the bridge saddles themselves are piezo pickups that feed into an onboard preamp for a clean acoustic sound, which can play simultaneously with the magnetic pickups.   




 After my interview with Scott I immediately messaged Cara to set up a time to see the Blue Jay's house guitar, take a few pics and chit chat about her unique listening room she has created .Read how she came up with name for Blue Jay's . Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to see all the pics and read what she had to say about receiving this beautiful Duggar Guitar , her love for music and how the name Blue Jay's Listening Room came to be.



I had such a fantastic time with Scoot Dugger Luithier of Dugger Guitars . He was kind , knowledgeable and had a real passion for music and people.   


    Jax Vibes:  What inspired you to start making guitars ?

     Scott:  (Looking at me with a huge smile)  My beautiful genius wife Melody.  We were looking at some wood furniture for sale while strolling trough a store one day.  We looked at a few pieces and they were very expensive. 

My wife Melody said you can probably make that. You are really good at wood working.  I had made a few things in the past including our kitchen table with great success so I decided to give it a shot. I made a few pieces that turned out pretty good so I thought I would make a few pieces of furniture to make some extra money. I started researching  new projects on youtube when I came across a video about making guitars. My mind took off like a rocket from there. I am a huge music lover and music is a huge part of my life. I excitedly shared  with my wife  how inspired I was to start on my first guitar build and the creativity that I felt. She encourage me to give it a try and I began on my first build not to long after that. I just ran wild with it . I have put much thought and many hours into learning and discovering  along the way.  I am so very grateful to be living my dream .


Jax Vibes would love to give Scott Dugger of Duggar Guitar a huge sincere Thank you for your contribution to the world  of music through your extraordinary talents .  It's people like this that makes JAX VIBES. 


        Make sure to SUBSCRIBE to our blog and see more awesome pictures of the stunningly gorgeous guitar dedicated to Blue Jay's Listening Room and read what had to say about receiving such a gift. Exciting things going at her bar and why she decided to name Blue Jay's Blue Jay's.  I cant wait o share this amazing interview with you.  Subscribe to see more about Blue Jay's Listening Room and cool things like this. Make sure to check Dugger Guitars out on FACEBOOK and see more of Blue Jays at




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